Pedestrian Blogster Awards

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The Blogster Awards have been around for 5 years – with Pedestrian getting on board the blog train and supporting people across food, tech, culture, comedy since the early days. For the award’s 5th anniversary and Pedestrian’s 10th year in business celebration, they tuned up a gorgeous Sydney sunset and packed a whole lot of bloggers into Catalina on Sydney Harbour. It was a pleasure to be nominated amongst a category of foodie legends, all approaching it from different angles but all giving what they love its own spin. Somehow I managed to walk away as Food Blogger of the year. If this is food blogging, then I’m having the best time doing it. I’ve learnt heaps since the MasterChef days, and to be able to be creating web, tv, digital and social content for you all to enjoy is an absolute dream


Huge thanks to Pedestrian and their event partner Intel, and to the guys at Projucer for all their legendary work.

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