Eat on the Cheap: Intro

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.13.26 amThink great food has to blow out your wallet? It’s not the case. I spoke with the guy at about eating on the cheap and I’ve created 3 recipes to keep you going when it’s getting close to pay day and there’s nothing but mee goreng noodles in your cupboard.
Before we kick off, here’s my advise to get you thinking smarter about how to get you through week to week. The original article appeared on Pedestrian here.
PED: What are 3 base-ingredients to keep in the house to make sure you’re always able to make a meal?
1. DRIED HERBS AND SPICES – “Home cooking is all about flavour, and for $2 a pop you can get a bag or jar of your favourite dried herb or spice. The stuff last for ages and you can call on it anytime to turn your boring weeknight meal into something your housemates will foam over!”
2. PASTA – “I’m a pasta nut – on the days that I’m hung (or even when I’m not) and there’s next to nothing in the fridge, I can always whip up a delish pasta dish that’ll keep me eating well for another day. For all you gluten free cats out there, there’s plenty of GF varieties for you to use. And I confess – they’re actually pretty tasty.”
3. SRIRACHA – “Everything tastes better doused in Sriracha. PERIOD!”
PED: What’s the best strategy to use when planning your meals for the week?
AA: “Is this a thing? Do people actually do this?? I don’t – but if I did, I would take a look at what ingredients I had in the fridge from the week before and plan meals around them. This will lower your wastage, thereby lowering your weekly grocery bill. This, dear readers, will give you more cash to burn on the weekends. Great plan!”
PED: Do you have any tips for stretching your money when buying groceries?
AA: “It’s something that we’ve all heard 1,000 times but it’s true – buy seasonally. When you’re doing your little planning session, do some research into what fruit and veg is in season at that time. Not only is it going to be cheaper but it’s also going to be fresher and tastier.”
PED: In your opinion, do you think it’s possible to be extremely healthy on a shoestring budget?
AA: “It’s totally possible. Most of the shit that we eat comes from fast food and sometimes restaurants. If you’re on a budget you have more of a reason to give that up and cook for yourself and your family most nights. Take a look at the three recipes I’ve created. They all feed 4 peeps for well under $20. That’s under $5 a person and they’re all good, homemade tucker – that’s healthy in itself. There’s also heaps more recipes like those on my website (which you can access HERE). Go and look, I need more traffic.”

Here’s my three Eat On The Cheap Recipes:
Sticky Chicken Lettuce Cups
Maple Glazed Pork Cutlets
My Lamb Kofta

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