I love everything about food and I always want to continue to refine my skills and learn new things to take my cooking to a completely new level. However, my philosophy on food has always stayed the same – It’s all about flavour. Some people say we eat with our eyes, but it’s the taste of what we eat that keeps people coming back for more. I live, dream and breathe food and am on a curious journey to find the best of the best and create dishes of my own from those experiences. Come with me!

I was only one exam away from becoming a fully qualified Electrician, but knowing I wasn’t satisfied with being a sparky for the rest of my life, I took a dare from one of my good mates to enter as a contestant on MasterChef 2012.

I’ve always had a passion for cooking. Even when I was an electrician, I’d take time after work to cook for whoever was at home out of my Mum, Dad and two older sisters. Most of my weekends would come to an end hosting a small BBQ for my mates which usually ended with a few too many beers. it took me being immersed in the MasterChef competition environment to realise how much I really loved food. Winning MasterChef was just the start. After I took stock of where I wanted to go with my new career, I realised I had so much more to learn, and I wanted to push myself even further. I used to play competitive Basketball so the fire is hard to shake.

“I’ve always had a love and passion for cooking. In the early days when I was an electrician, that love meant cooking for my Mum, Dad and two sisters after a long day at work or jazzing up a Sunday arvo BBQ which involved a few beers with my mates. But the real love for food didn’t happen for me until I was put through my paces on series four of MasterChef in 2012.”

Once I was on the show, I’m open to admitting I was by far the most inexperienced and weakest cook amongst the group. So I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could from everyone around me. I read, I researched, I watched and listened and saw every opportunity as a learning opportunity. After an 8 month commitment, locked away from my friends and family on some sort of rapid culinary apprenticeship on steroids, I emerged the youngest winner of MasterChef with a thirst to learn as much as I could about food.

Over the past two years I’ve continued my learning, throwing myself at a range of new things such as becoming an author, working full time at bustling hatted cafe Three Blue Ducks, starting a YouTube channel, travelling to some of the food meccas of the world such as Mexico, Spain and Portugal and even some personal catering. I am open to anything and I think it’s a blessing more than a curse.

People always ask me “What’s your thing?”. My thing is, I don’t have a thing. And I like it that way.